Mention Crested Butte and the first thing that pops into anyone's head is skiing, but how about some things you didn't know about this Colorado mountain town.

It's not a large town, but Crested Butte is a busy town bustling with activity in the winter time with snow enthusiasts as well as in the summer with vacationers coming for mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, and fishing. Crested Butte also has some very interesting history. So, here we go with 5 things you probably didn't know about Crested Butte.

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    Crested Butte is known for snow, averaging more than 200 inches of snow annually. Believe it or not, there are two months out of the year when it doesn't snow in Crested Butte -- July and August. Of course, you never say never, so it's probably more accurate to say the average snowfall during those months is 0 inches.

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    A number of movies have been filmed at Crested Butte including Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family (1978), Snowbeast (1977) a made for television horror film about a Colorado ski resort terrorized by a subhuman killer (got to check that one out!), and a popular Disney movie, Snowball Express, which starred Dean Jones and the likes of Harry Morgan, George Lindsey, and Dick Van Patten.

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    Crested Butte has been named the Wildflower Capital of Colorado by the state legislature. The annual Wildflower Festival is held in July and features hikes, tours, and workshops.

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    Whether mountain biking was actually born in Crested Butte, we really can't say for sure. The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and Museum opened here in 1988 originally located in the downstairs space of Donita's Cantina. In 2015, the Hall of Fame and museum was moved to Fairfax, California.

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    In 1940 the population of Crested Butte was over 1,100 but dwindled to fewer than 300 souls by 1960. In the 1960s the ski area was built on Crested Butte Mountain and the population began to climb. By 1980, the population was nearing 1,000, and in the year 2000 was over 1,500 people, and a little more than that today.