These Colorado decorations are the perfect way to decorate for Christmas, with a touch of Colorado. These ten Etsy items are only found in Grand Junction.

  • Call Me Corny

    ColoradoCollectionUS via Etsy

    All I've heard about since moving to Colorado is that Olathe Sweet Corn is the best. So it only seems fitting to include a corn ornament on the tree.

  • Deer Family Looks Delicious -- Delightful

    ColoradoCollectionUS via Etsy

    Doesn't matter whether you're a hunter or not, these deer will make an adorable addition to your Christmas decorations. Based on what I've seen, there's a deer for every person here in Colorado.

  • Dreaming of a Wine Christmas

    FavorUniverse via Etsy

    Nappa Valley -- what's that? It's all about wine here in the Grand Valley and this ornament pretty much tell is all. "I'm dreaming of a wine Chrismas," me too.

  • So Icy, You're Shining

    StickManProductions via Etsy

    What a cool take on icicles! These bad boys are handmade glass in Grand Junction and will immediately brighten up your place. And no, you can't smoke out of them as far as I know.

  • Put That On Your Tree and Smoke It

    HempBeadery via Etsy

    With the anniversary of five years of legal weed this month, weed is definitely a Colorado characteristic. Don't actually try to smoke these, maybe make them into a garland instead.

  • When In Doubt, Put Your Face On It

    AlwaysTreasuredCo via Esty

    You don't have to put your face on it, your kid's, partner's or pet's face will do too. I love the idea of being able to customize it yourself.

  • Getting Personal With Colorado Shaped Ornaments

    Shop231Designs via Etsy

    Your tree isn't complete without a Colorado
    shaped ornament. You can even add a personalized message like "bah, humbug" or your name or a city name.

  • The Countdown Is On

    CraftswithasideofYou via Etsy

    I love how this decoration increases the excitement for Christmas. Every day you countdown the days until Christmas which is great for all ages but especially kids.

  • Frosty Glasses For a Frosty Night

    OutfitterGlassWorks via Etsy

    These glasses etched with a snowy forest on each glass definitely has some major Colorado vibes. It's snowing outside and now you've got a glass to match.

  • I'm Looking Through You

    Crystalkarnage via Etsy

    I'm looking through you is not just a reference to The Beatles song, you can literally see through these ornaments because they're glass. The ornaments can be customized to your liking.