Western Colorado lawns are starting to like jungles after recent rainfall. Will Mother Nature lay off the water works anytime in the near future, allowing you the chance to mow your lawn? Maybe.

As it stands, the next legitimate "dry" opportunity to mow your lawn may come sometime in the year 2018. Basically, all that's required is a one-hour break in rainfall, accompanied by a few hours drying time. Most people don't enjoy mowing a soggy lawn.

According to the National Weather Service, you might, that's MIGHT, be able to mow your lawn sometime in the middle of this week. Rain showers will break long enough for you to enjoy sunny skies as early as this Wednesday, May 11.

National Weather Service

Believe me, I'm not complaining. I truly appreciate the rain. It's the second week of May, and I have even fired up my sprinklers for the season. This is drastically preferable to past years when we were already on fire alert status by this time.

Enjoy the rain while you can. You might even put some fertilizer down and let Mother Nature water it in for you. Let your lawn dry on Wednesday, and mow on Thursday.