Don't be surprised if you see inflatable people riding tandem bikes along 12th Street this Saturday. Who are they and why are they doing this?

A local bike shop is sponsoring a free event where people can "borrow" one of the shop's tandem bikes, just so long as they bring an inflatable friend to ride with them.

What if you don't have an inflatable friend? Well, there's always the adult bookstore on 24 Road. They probably have a few inflatable "companions" for sale. If that isn't quite your speed, you can borrow a buddy from the bike retailer.

This event is hosted by Brown Cycles on Main Street in Grand Junction. Basically, they just want to go for a ride, and you're invited. Head down to the shop on Saturday, get a tandem bike, and bring your inflatable friend. To be honest, a "real life" friend will work just fine, too.

Why are they doing this? Just for fun. The plan is to ride around downtown, and then ultimately head to Kannah Creek Brewing Company at 12th and Orchard for a friendly dinner.

This is a free, and kind of weird, event. If your interested, call Brown Cycles at (970) 245-7939. The number of bikes is limited, so reserve today.