Who knew Grand Junction even had a "sister city"? As well as it being as gorgeous as this place?

I have no sisters. So, I guess Grand Junction having a "sister city" is as close as I will get. Except this sister city is 2,770 miles away. El Espino, El Salvador has had that distinction since 2005.

Now, we here in Grand Junction are fortunate to have some pretty decent weather overall, but are you kidding me with that video?

Although it is not translated, pretty sure you don't need an interpreter to figure out that El Espino is quite a paradise. The people there, probably think of us, as we think of those poor people that live in cold, wintry Wisconsin. I guess it's all perspective.

Just to have some fun, if a new 'sister city' were to be proposed, which of the following do you think best represents Grand Junction?