Everyone is talking about the circular "bruises" seen on Olympic athlete Michael Phelps. Those marks are the result of a popular form of alternative therapy called Cupping. Do therapists in Grand Junction offer this treatment? Absolutely.

Looking at Michael Phelps as he competes in swimming events, you can't help but notice several dark circles, roughly 2 1/2 inches in diameter, at various points of his back and shoulders. As a matter of fact, you'll see similar marks on several athletes competing in various events. Should you look at photos of past Olympics, you'll see cupping has been endorsed by Olympic athletes for some time.

Chinese "Cupping" therapy has been around for centuries. Some people praise it, others consider it to be nothing more than a "celebrity fad."

Should someone choose to pursue this therapy, would they be able to find a certified practitioner in Grand Junction? Absolutely. As a matter of fact, there are several. Here's a short list found on Yelp!

  •  Acupuncture Solutions
  • Touch Massage and Bodyworks
  • Peach Valley Massage and Wellness

Personally, I think Cupping is nothing short of magnificent. Don't give too much thought to the dark circles. They don't hurt, and fade away in a matter of days.

A number of other businesses in the valley show up online offering Cupping therapy.

I've been a fan of cupping for years. It's worth trying. The potential benefits are many, while the risks are few. Given his record as an athlete, Michael Phelps can't be wrong. Give serious consideration to visiting a Grand Junction area practitioner and give Cupping a try.