If you are planning to travel this Easter weekend or have family coming into Western Colorado for the holiday, please take a moment to check out Grand Junction's weather forecast. Things are already getting nasty, and this Saturday and Sunday, March 26 and 27, could make for rough travel conditions.

As of 9:23 am on Tuesday, March 22, the Grand Junction area has already received a red flag warning. While things should improve for Wednesday and Thursday, the weekend is a different story. Just as quickly as things clear up, the weather will take a turn for the worse by Friday.

According to The National Weather Service, Grand Junction can expect rain showers by Friday night, and a chance of rain and snow on Saturday.

Coloradans are more than accustomed to a little snow in March. In this case, though, a mixture of rain and snow, with low temperatures hovering right around freezing, creates the potential for hazardous road conditions, especially coming through the canyons. Tight curves combined with areas of road which see little or no direct sunlight, make for a recipe for disaster.

If you are traveling this weekend or have family coming in for Easter, please travel carefully. If you have pets, weather and temperatures will not be accommodating for those living outdoors. Please be kind, and bring in the pets.