This gentleman's name is Randy Binkley, and he is a legendary fixture at Country Jam Colorado. What exactly is his claim to fame?

Randy may very well be the single most consistent attribute associated with Country Jam. This man has been with Country Jam longer than the event's current location.

His claim to fame... Randy has sat in the same seat in VIP every year since Country Jam began. That's right, the same seat, every year, for 25 years.

Does he even leave the Jam? Maybe they just throw a tarp over him and leave him for the remaining 361 days of the year.

No, he actually does go home after the year. However, before he leaves, Randy purchases the same seat for the next year's Jam. Keep in mind, Randy has been with this event since the old days when it was located in a field between Grand Junction and Fruita.

What was Randy's all-time favorite Jam performance? It was back in the early '90s when Kenny Rogers played. I'll have to go along with Randy on that one. That Jam may hold the record for the all-time best ever. That, of course, is purely a matter of opinion. In this case, though, Randy and I agree.

Thank you, Randy! Jammers like you are what keep the event going. Can't wait to see you for Kenny Chesney at Country Jam 2017.