What are the construction crews building at the northeast corner of 6th and North Avenue in Grand Junction? For that matter, what did they tear down at that location to make room for the new construction?

When I first drove by the construction area I just about had a heart attack. I thought they had demolished the car wash right across 6th Street from Martin Mortuary. That car wash is cool. As it turns out, the car wash is intact. The construction area only involves the lot between the car wash and North Avenue. Whew!

Can Grand Junction look forward to a new Super Walmart? Perhaps a new addition to Colorado Mesa University?

Waylon Jordan

Not long ago, this location, 609 North Avenue, was home to "The Hanger," a local establishment offering laundry services. Well, that building has been obliterated. What are they building in its place?

Waylon Jordan

As it turns out, the location will now be home to...... are you ready....... wait for it......... wait for it........ the location will soon be home to... a parking lot! That's right, they are putting in a new parking lot to serve the surrounding businesses.

There you have it; a parking lot. When you think about it, a parking lot makes sense. There's a ton of retail outlets in the area, and not exactly an overabundance of parking.  The next time you head to Bocaza or REI, take advantage of this new addition to North Avenue.