Let's face it, weather and trail conditions in Western Colorado can change at the drop of a hat. Fortunately, there's a Facebook page with constant updates on area trail conditions.

The Colorado Western Slope Trail Conditions page is a community forum on Facebook. So far today, Thursday, March 30, there have been four updates on trail conditions.

Who's making these updates? Friends of the page chime in from time to time with reports from their current location. Hikers and bikers snap photos of the trails they are on, and share via the page.

Some of the page's administrators share weather forecasts, providing a glimpse of upcoming trail conditions.

Would it pay you to become a friend of this page? Absolutely. With Western Colorado's rapidly changing weather conditions, combined with various altitudes, not to mention trails which rarely see direct sunlight, this page proves its usefulness very quickly.

Save yourself time and frustration. Don't drive up to Glade Park only to discover snow all over the trail you were hoping to bike. Okay, some cyclists don't care. They'll ride under any condition. If you, however, fall into the category of people who don't enjoy chiselling mud out of their forks, then you might want to follow this page.

Waylon Jordan

Be in the know when it comes to local trail conditions. At the same time, you can be a source of information to other cyclists and hikers. Hit the trails, snap a photo or two, and spread the word. Keep local trails in good condition while sparing your fellow cyclists from the misery of coming back from a ride looking like a mud pie. Join the page.