Peeps make their presence known around Easter time and people either love them or hate them. They are cheap, so, unfortunately, the people who can't stand them will still get at least one box as a gift. Fortunately, there is a solution for the peep haters.

Here are some ways to use unwanted peeps for entertainment and practical needs.

Peep Wars

The concept is simple, but incredibly entertaining. Place two peeps an inch or two apart in the microwave with a toothpick inserted into each one. The peep to expand the quickest and stab the other one first wins. Who says there's nothing to do late at night in Grand Junction?

Fix Those Wobbly Tables and Chairs


The best part about this? The peep will harden and fix the problem for good!

Keep That Palisade Wine Fresh


Wine corks can be expensive. Save money with this wine cork, and spend the extra $$ on a fancier wine.

Cat Toy


Why spend lots of money on a cat toy? They would rather play with a cardboard box, string, or now a peep.

Pin Cushion


Sewing is now complete with a cute bunny watching you work.

Peep on the Shelf


Christmas has the elf, let's give Easter the peep. Better behave for that chocolate bunny! It  could be called 'Peep on the Creep.'

What are some other ways peeps could be added to this list?