Some Denver Broncos fans may be upset to learn that one of their upcoming star defensive players is touting a Kansas City Chiefs tattoo on his back.

Broncos linebacker Shane Ray is showing off his new ink on Instagram, expecting to incur the wrath of Denver fans.  The back-covering tattoo illustrates Ray's hometown of Kansas City, including the Kansas City Chiefs logo.

@stingray56 via Instagram

It is odd that a current player would get a tattoo representing another NFL team, and the fact that the Chiefs are an AFC West Division rival makes it even more strange.

Ray grew up in Kansas City and attended the University of Missouri before being drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the 2015 NFL draft. He is expected to play a major role on the Denver defense in the upcoming season.

Denver fans probably wouldn't hold any objections had the tattoo been inked prior to Ray joining the Broncos, but the fact that it was apparently added since he joined the team may have fans questioning his loyalty.

On his Instagram post displaying the full-sized tattoo, Ray pronounces his Kansas City pride.

Everyone knows how I feel about being from Kansas City Mo and that's real pride. As always I represent "The Town" for everyone that is salty because I take pride in the city that made me who I am today, you weren't with me then and I won't bother me if your not there now.

While the ink may raise questions, ultimately, the only thing that Denver fans should care about is how Ray performs on the football field and whether or not he fulfills the expectation of a number one draft choice.