After five days of intensive searching, authorities have called off the search for Mary Finnegan who went missing on July 15.

Searchers in the Uncompaghre National Forest have exhausted all leads and have suspended the search for 82-year-old Finnegan as of last night (July 28).

Mesa County Sheriff, Matt Lewis released this statement:

This was a very difficult decision to make. We were really hoping to find Mary and bring some closure to her family. Our searchers are heartbroken, as they really put everything they had into to finding her.

The Mesa County Sheriff's office will remain in contact with Finnegan's family, who have been part of the search efforts from the beginning.

If more information or leads come up, the MCSO is committed to resuming the search.

If anyone is camping hiking or recreating in the area where Finnegan's car was found and may have more information that could help in this case, please contact the Mesa County Sheriff's off at 970-244-3526.