An officer with the Rifle Police Department has an effective way of getting your attention to remind you to "Click It Or Ticket." With moves rivaling the best of the "Dancing Liberties" and "Little Caesar Dancers," this officer makes his message perfectly clear.

No longer will college freshmen donning a Statue of Liberty disguise hold the monopoly on killer roadside dance moves. Those days are over. Cell phone companies are going to have to find a new shtick. There's a new kid in town, and he's packing heat along with some wicked dance moves.

His message has nothing to do with great deals on a large, one topping pizza, tax returns, or the phone-deal-o-the-week. This dancer's message is perfectly clear - wear your seat belt and save lives. The second part of the message is equally clear - wear your seat belt or the next officer down the road is going to give you a ticket.

Respect the moves, respect the man, and respect the message. This isn't some episode of "Cop Rock." This is an officer dancing his way into your heart with a very important message... CLICK IT OR TICKET.