"Donald the Dragon Slayer" recently underwent a healthy makeover. The Donald Trump mural just south of the 5th Street bridge on Orchard Mesa has been redone following various acts of vandalism. 

The mural has been on display on the old unfinished building on Orchard Mesa for several months now. Shortly after it was erected, vandals hit it with a funky green paint. The result: Donald Trump ended up resembling the girl from "The Exorcist" AFTER she spewed all the green pea soup.

The revamped mural features a new pose for 'The Donald'. The dragon's portion, however, remains the same. Originally, the mural had Trump in a slightly more defensive pose. Now, the new portion of the mural features Trump leaping into action, launching an attack against the beast.

Waylon Jordan

Would you like to get a closer look? You might be wise to avoid doing so. The abandoned structure, originally intended to be a restaurant back in the 1980's, boasts a large number of "Private Property: No Trespassing" signs.

The next time you make the voyage to Orchard Mesa, look to the right as you cross the bridge. The mural is there for all to see. Will there be future upgrades to the artwork? Who knows?