What did a Grand Junction Halloween look like roughly 50 years ago? There were no lightsabers to be found, hardly anybody had ever heard of Spider-Man or Iron Man, and ninja turtles hadn't even been thought of yet. What did the holiday look like in the Grand Valley in the age of LSD, "The Brady Bunch", and "Love, American Style"?

The photos above were taken by photographer Robert Grant. The first photo shows what could either be a ghost or "The Unknown Comic." The bunny theme also appeared to be popular.

It seems incorporating pumpkins into one's costume was all the rage. I never really considered a Jack-O-Lantern to be an accessory. In any event, these folks really made it work.

The art of pumpkin carving has certainly come a long way. The kids above have some great specimens, but the artwork seems a bit conservative.

Back in the early and mid-1970s kids would literally flood the streets of Grand Junction to Trick or Treat. In the pre-Tylenol scare world, going door to door for candy was not only considered safe, it something nobody ever gave a second thought about.

According to Thrillist, Halloween is the 3rd most popular holiday in the United States. Looking back with these photos, it seems as though Halloween was always right up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving.

The more you look at the photos, the more it seems as though things really haven't changed. Today's costumes are perhaps a little more detailed, and probably a little gorier. Bunny ears have given way to convincing looking lightsabres and severed body parts. All in all, though, the spirit (pun intended) seems the same.