A new iced coffee craze sweeping the nation has hit Grand Junction, and local coffee shop owners are getting on board. What's the secret to the new nitrogen-infused iced coffee, how do they make it, and where can you find it in Western Colorado?

How would one describe this new nitrogen-infused iced coffee? In a word - SMOOOOOOOOOOTTTTHHHHH. We're talking soft, silky, smoothness.

Check out the video above. Roni, a local coffee business owner, explains the process and equipment used to create this magnificent drink. The coffee she serves in this demonstration includes cream and shot of vanilla. Yummmm.

According to the barista in the video, she first encountered this concept while attending a coffee convention in Portland. According to specialtyfoods.com, nitrogen-infused coffees started picking up steam (pun intended) about two years ago in various pockets around the country. Coffee shops in the Sacramento area started to see momentum with this particular beverage as far back as three years ago.

Fast forward to July 2016: nitrogen-infused iced coffee is now available in Grand Junction. You will find it for sale at Colorado Legacy Coffee just off Independent Avenue. In addition to serving the beverage, Colorado Legacy Coffee sells the materials to other coffee shops.

Are there any other locations in the valley where you'll find this amazing new beverage? You'll find it for sale at a stand at 4th and Main at the Grand Junction downtown farmers market every Thursday evening from 5:30 and 8:30.

Make a point to give this exciting new beverage a try. If you enjoy coffee, you'll LOVE it. If you're not a coffee fan, this may very well be the drink capable of changing your mind. Give it try! Make a point to sample nitrogen-infused iced coffee, the new craze sweeping the nation.