The ballot order for the Mesa County Commissioner candidates has been determined by a roll of the dice.

This may be a common practice in political circles, but this was my first time to hear of rolling the dice to determine ballot order. Normally, "roll of the dice" is just an expression we use, but in this case, it really was a roll of the dice.

Tuesday morning the candidates met together to roll the dice, with the highest roll in each race getting the top ballot position.

The video was posted on the Mesa County Elections Facebook page.

in District 1, Democrat Mel Mulder rolled a 21, while incumbent John Justman rolled a 20.

In District 3, Republican incumbent Rose Pugliese rolled 13, while Democrat David Allen Williams rolled an 11.

While rolling the dice probably wouldn't be a good decision-making strategy in the boardroom, political leaders must feel at times like their decisions are, indeed, a "roll of the dice" - not knowing for sure if their decision will work out for the best.

But, for deciding ballot position, rolling the dice seems to be a better option than drawing straws, or picking a number out of somebody's dirty hat.