It's not that snow in March is all that unusual in Western Colorado, but after being near 70 degrees on Monday, many of us were hoping we had turned that proverbial corner to Spring. Some mid-week snow has delayed that nice Spring weather we are longing for.

Snow fell across Western Colorado late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning to remind us that Old Man Winter has not yet left the building. Varying amounts of snow fell in Grand Junction from a half inch to less. Susan, in Crawford, reported an inch of snow there this morning.  And our thanks to Chris Lightning for sharing his snow picture from his house at Glad Park with us, and reporting about 3 inches of white stuff.

The snow is beautiful, of course, but seeing it  on the ground with one week to go in the month of March, only makes us wish for the continuous, snow-free days. As Frosty the Snowman says, "I'll be back again some day."