The fact is sometimes stranger than fiction and this proves it. A man gets out of jail, walks into a Grand Junction grocery store and attempts to rob it.

The attempted robbery took place on Sunday (April 3) morning at the City Market store located at First Street and Rood Avenue.

Grand Junction Police Department Photo

According to the Grand Junction Police Department, 39-year-old Terry Betts went to the store's service counter, asked for a piece of paper and pen and wrote a note that he was robbing the store and demanded money. He also told store employees he had a gun.

Betts, who had been released from the Mesa County Jail approximately 15 minutes prior to the robbery attempt, was arrested at the store. A police search found he was not carrying any type of weapon.

When police asked Betts why he committed a crime so soon after being released, he said he never had any intention of robbing the store, he just wanted to go back to jail where he felt 'safe and stable.'

Betts got his wish and is now back in the Mesa County Jail facing charges of attempted robbery and felony menacing.