If you happen to be in downtown Grand Junction this weekend you might be wondering if our town is Christmas caroling in March.

The answer is no, it is not Christmas caroling, although there would certainly be nothing wrong with that. This event  is singing, and it is kind of like caroling, except the songs aren't Christmas carols. They are hymns.

Instead of caroling it might be called hymning.

What is happening is a group of people  getting together in downtown Grand Junction to stroll  Main Street  singing familiar hymns and gospel songs.

It's a novel idea - and why not!  It's great to have people come together who enjoy sharing the gift of music-whether they are good singers or not, singing songs they love to sing, and sharing the music with anyone who wants to listen.

Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to join in. The group is meeting at the Avalon Theatre at 7th and Main at 1:00PM and plans to stroll Main Street and sing for about an hour.

Hot cocoa will be provided for everyone who participates, so it will sort of feel like Christmas, except that the temperature will be a lot closer to 60 degrees than to 20.