There's a new kid in town. Grand Junction has a new dancing mascot for your viewing pleasure. One question: What business does this pink dancing pig represent?

This dancing pig was spotted at roughly 2:00 in the afternoon on the southeast corner of 5th and North Avenue. This mascot busts some excellent moves and displays a ton of enthusiasm, just like many of its peers in Grand Junction.

Unfortunately, the only business located on that particular corner is a realty office. It's unlikely they would have a dancing pig representing their business.

More than likely, the pink pig is the "embodiment" of Pinks BBQ, located half a block South of that corner on 5th Street. It's unclear as to the mascots name. Perhaps its name is "Pink."

If you get a chance, check out this pig in action. It's only getting hotter, and I wouldn't ask the person in the suit (yes, sorry kids, but that isn't a real pig) to dance around in 100 degree heat while sporting the costume. That would be catastrophic.

Welcome aboard, pink dancing pig! Glad to have you on the team here in Grand Junction.