What could this little guy have done to warrant being busted by the Grand Junction Police Department? Regardless, he (or she, it's hard to tell) is in the dog house now. What did this perp do?

News of this arrest appeared on the Grand Junction Police Department's Facebook page early Wednesday (March 2) morning.

As you can clearly see, the suspect attempted to find refuge in the refuse. He was found cowering behind a garbage container, right where his kind of filth belongs.

What crime is this suspected being charged with? Aside from making me fat, I can't think of anything he (or she, still can't tell) could have done. There does not appear to be any signs of drugs or stolen merchandise.

In any event, word on this street is this thug travels with a bunch of little dirt bags that look just like him (or her, I'll never figure it out, there are no obvious signs of genitalia.) Be on the lookout for other suspects who, for the most part, look just like him.

Other suspects may sport different colors, such as green, brown, or yellow. It is not clear if these are gang related colors.