Children in Grand Junction have been busy making signs. In these cases, signs you want to see, and which might actually brighten your day. We're not talking about graffiti here. No, these are gestures of respect and appreciation. Take a look and walk away with a smile.

It seems the students at Pomona Elementary have been busy. Their fence bordering the south side of Patterson Road is adorned with signs expressing appreciation to local law enforcement.

Students at the New Emerson School found a creative way to show respect to Deputy Geer and his family. This sign has been in place for a solid month. The white dots are made by Styrofoam cups which have been pushed through the gaps in the chain link fence.

Lastly, a child expressed their affection for their father by inscribing a message in the dirt on his vehicle. Instead of the typical "Wash Me" message one might expect in this situation, this child wrote "I Love You Daddy."

There you go... five signs, made by children, which will hopefully brighten your day.