Grand Junction's Mesa Theater is hosting the stunning documentary "Inspired to Ride" tonight (June 8) in downtown Grand Junction.

"Inspired to Ride" follows the incredible inaugural TransAm Bike Race in 2014 which featured cyclists traveling more than 4,000 miles cross country in a self-supported bike race. That means the competitors had no technical support accompanying them, no support vehicles, and had to provide for their own food and lodging along the way.

Imagine riding your bike 300 miles per day with just a few hours of sleep at night. That is exactly what these riders had to pull off.

With agonizing climbs in the Rockies and the driving winds of the great plains, these cyclists had to endure great hardship to make it to the finish line - only for bragging rights and a cold beer. This is the story of a few of these determined riders.

Grand Valley cyclists will likely enjoy this film immensely.

Tickets are available for $12 on line, or for $15 at the door. Show time is 7PM at Mesa Theater in downtown Grand Junction.