After 35 years, a long-standing Grand Junction tradition is apparently coming to an end.

According to a Facebook post by Z's Orchard, the Teller Arms Farmers Market will not be allowed to continue due to the arrival of the new Save-a-Lot grocery store that recently opened in the shopping center on North Avenue.

The Teller Arms Farmers Market was established more than 35 years ago, and has been called the "oldest and longest running market" in Colorado.

During the produce season, you would find vendors set up on Wednesdays and Saturdays with a variety of fresh produce for sale.

Unlike many retail outlets that sell groceries, the new Save-a-Lot sells fresh produce, just like a typical grocery store, which puts the farmers market vendors in direct competition with the grocery.

There has been quite a bit of public reaction.

Z's Orchard via Facebook

It's quite possible the Teller Arms Farmers Market will be revived in a new location, or perhaps the store will end up reconsidering, but it looks like this could be  the end of a long-standing Grand Junction tradition.