The Grand Junction community is showing its support for the city of Dallas this weekend in the wake of this week's police shootings.

Having lost a law enforcement officer earlier this year, the Grand Junction community can relate a little bit to what the citizens of Dallas must be feeling and going through after seeing 12 officers being shot, and five of them losing their lives.

When someone who has been commissioned to protect and serve you is attacked, wounded, and killed, we tend to take that very personally. It feels like an attack on us. Plus we grieve with those in our community who are family members, co-workers, and friends of the deceased because they are our neighbors.

We can only begin to imagine what it feels like right now for residents in the greater Dallas area, but in a small way, we can demonstrate our support for a community and a police force that is hurting badly right now.

There will be an informal gathering Sunday evening at 7:00 at Lincoln Park, just west of the pool, to show support, love, and prayer  for the city of Dallas, law enforcement, and our local police services.

Local church leaders will be there to lead small group prayers. The public is encouraged to bring candles, and chairs if you so desire.