Most of us have had our name since our first day on Earth, but how much do we really know about our lifelong monicker? Here are four things I recently discovered that I didn't know about my name.

1) The origin of the name Zane is Hebrew - which actually is not unusual at all. Plenty of popular names like Daniel, David, Thomas and John have Hebrew origins.

2) The name Zane means God's gracious gift - although I'm not sure that's what my parents were thinking when they gave me the name. If they did, I'm sure there were plenty of times while I was growing up they must have questioned just how "gracious" God's gift was.

3) Zane is listed as a "hipster" baby name. A  "hipster" name, I learned, is a name that is a little out of the ordinary and very non-traditional. I had no idea there was a special designation for such a name.

4)There are more Zanes in the world than ever before. In 1914, when the Social Security Administration started keeping such records, Zane was the 3,088th most popular name. In 1963, the year  I was born, it was the 656th most popular boys' name. The name Zane was so rare, all the through the 12th grade there was never another Zane in my school.

In 2016, the name, Zane, is more popular than it's ever been, coming is as the 207th most popular name in the country.

If you are curious about what you name means, or how popular it is, you can look up  your name at You might be surprised at what you discover!