A flash flood on the Colorado National Monument was amazingly caught on video! How many times have you heard a flash flood warning on the radio and dismissed it as no big deal because you weren't in a flash flood area? Or maybe you just thought a flash flood was no big deal period. Well, thanks to SKYWARN spotter Larry Bullard we get an up close look at a flash flood in progress.

The video was taken along Monument Road on the east side of the Colorado National Monument. Thunderstorms produced some heavy  rainfall just before 5:00 on Tuesday and caused the flooding.

It's a good reminder of how quickly flash floods can strike and how dangerous they can be if you are in a flash flood area. The Colorado National Monument is beautiful, but it is a prime area for flash floods. Whenever you are in the park and skies are threatening, be very aware of your surroundings and where flooding could possibly occur.