Denver students are not being allowed to join the rest of the community in celebrating the Broncos Super Bowl championship at today's parade.

According to the Denver Post, Denver schools are running a regular schedule today and are warning students that attending today's victory parade could result in an unexcused absence. Instead, students have been encouraged to show their team spirit by wearing orange and blue, if their school dress code allows it.

The school district is recommending that principals  do not excuse absent students, even if their parents call the school.

It would not be unusual for school districts to close for the day. For example, back in November, a number of school districts in Missouri closed for the Kansas City Royals World Series Championship parade.

It's likely that, despite the warning, many student fans are choosing to attend the parade and face whatever consequences may result.

Broncos' football is the biggest game in the state of Colorado - and Super Bowl championships are rare. Denver has three in more than 55 years of existence. It seems that school districts could accommodate students wanting to join in the celebration. It's one day. And snow days are built in to the snow calendar, which allows the district to miss school days without having to make them up at the end of the year.

Maybe the Broncos should have moved the parade to later in the afternoon, but, I gotta tell you. If I'm a student in the Denver school systems, I'm heading out to celebrate with my team. Missing a day of school won't be the end of the world.

C'mon man!