2016 celebrates the National Park Service's 100th birthday and we get to benefit from it. There will be 16 free admission days, four of which are coming up here in Grand Junction.

The Colorado National Monument will have free admission August 25-28 (Thursday-Sunday.) Commercial tour fees are also included in this free entrance.

If you're not much of a hiker, the drive through the Monument is still a must see. There are several stopping points for people to stop and take pictures. One of the most popular stops is Cold Shivers Point. An easy hike and picnic area with some shade is Devil's Kitchen. If you're a planner, you can map out your visit on the Monument's Website. There's also a new App available that can guide you through the Monument during or before your visit,

On a more serious note, we are reminded to be extra aware and careful because of the extra traffic during the 100-year celebration. The local Park Rangers and Law Enforcement set up a sobriety checkpoint for the first time on the Monument this last weekend. This road is over 20 miles and extra dangerous with alcohol, drugs, or marijuana (which is illegal to possess on Federal Property) in your system. This was to help create awareness and remind people of the dangers of driving drunk.