A Colorado deputy makes a "one in a million" shot during an attempted robbery.

While visiting his girlfriend in Aurora, off-duty deputy Jose Marquez ran outside to grab something from his car. On his way back to the apartment building, he was encountered by two young men in masks. One of the men told Marquez to "give it up" and pulled out a gun.

The suspects opened fire on Marquez, striking him in the shoulder and abdomen. Marquez returned fire, hitting one fo the men in the leg, while the other man fled -- who has yet to be identified. The suspect who was shot was later arrested.

Marquez made one astonishing shot, though. One of the rounds from his .45 caliber handgun traveled down the barrel of the suspects .40 caliber handgun, completely disabling the gun.

Marquez was cleared by the Arapahoe County prosecutors who said he "used an appropriate level of physical force," and did not break any Colorado laws.

Marquez has not yet returned to duty because of his wounds.

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