Colorado voters have been getting bogus calls requesting personal information to correct their voter registration so they can receive a ballot for the election in November.

These calls have generated complaints filed with election officials in various Colorado counties as well as with the Colorado Secretary of State's Office.

Based on information gathered from these complaints, an automated call tells the person answering the phone their voter information is incorrect. They are then prompted to correct their voter registration by providing personal information.

The organization making these calls is identifying itself as 'Go Vote CO' or 'Go Vote Colorado'.

Some people contacted think the call is being initiated by the Colorado Secretary of State since both of those names are similar to the website which is Colorado's official online voter portal.

Colorado Secretary of State, Wayne W. Williams, says neither his office or any of Colorado's election offices will contact a voter unless the voter has first made a call to them.

Williams says Colorado residents should never reveal any personal information including date of birth, drivers license or state Identification numbers, social security number, or other personal information unless they are sure they know and trust who they are dealing with.

Anyone with information about the person or organization identifying itself as 'Go Vote Colorado' or 'Go Vote CO' are asked to contact Colorado Elections legal analyst Chris Amero at 303-894-2200 ext.6389 or by email at the Secretary of State's Office.