What were those sounds emanating from the area of 29 Road and F 1/2 Road last Saturday? Some of Western Colorado's favorite bands gathered at Toe Jam Ranch for year's second biggest music festival, "Toe Jam 2016." What is Toe Jam, where did it come from, and have you seen it lately?

Put simply, Toe Jam is the end-of-summer wrap-up festival hosted by some of the valley's bands. They get together at a fairly large piece of property north of town and then, put simply, lay down the boogie.

Who headlined this year's Toe Jam? The event kicked off with Lisa Lingo featuring keyboardist Kurt Kuxhausen. Eventually, a handful of jammers gravitated towards the stage. Ultimately, the Desert Flyer Band took the stage, playing a two-hour set.

What's the scoop with Toe Jam? Here's a Q&A rundown of the event:

  • Does Toe Jam feature a VIP section with food and complimentary beverages? You betcha. As a matter of fact, the entire event is a giant VIP section.
  • Does the event offer a wide variety of alcoholic beverages? You could say that.
  • How was the food? Magnificent.
  • Does the event roll around every year? Not necessarily. The frequency at which Toe Jam appears can be a bit intermittent.
  • Does the event feature a way-cool dance floor? Yes! Toe Jam has a bitchin' dance floor, and the organizer just informed me that both it and the cocktail area will be expanded in the near future.

How does one get tickets to Toe Jam? You don't. The festival is pretty much invitation only. How do you get invited? Well, that's a little more complicated. You pretty much stay in touch with me, and I'll pass your interest along to the event organizers.

Don't let the social event of the season pass you by. Keep in touch. Who knows when the next Toe Jam might come along.