Country Jammers were aghast when they discovered there were no shuttles running to the Jam from Fruita this year. Hold the phone! There are in fact private shuttles running out of Fruita. Here's the lowdown.

In past years, there was typically a half dozen pickup and drop-off locations scattered across the valley. This year, Country Jam is only running shuttles from Grand Junction's Clarion Inn. What about those staying at hotels or campgrounds in Fruita?

There are private shuttle services running back and forth from Fruita to the Jam Ranch. One such service is "Three Dreams." They will be picking up at the Super 8 hotel in Fruita all four days of the Jam. Please note; "Three Dreams" is a private service and is not affiliated with the Super 8. The shuttle service is available to anyone who wants to ride (in other words, you don't have to be staying at the Super 8).

As of Monday, June 13, at Noon, "Three Dreams" had the following number of seats still available:

  • 7 seats for all 4 days of the Jam
  • Thursday - 3 seats
  • Friday - 2 seats
  • Saturday - sold out
  • Sunday - 8 seats

If you plan to ride with this company, you can park your vehicle at the "overflow" parking area near the Welcome Center in Fruita.

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To contact "Three Dreams" call 970-434-3541. Due to the overwhelming response this year, the company is working hard to add even more shuttles.

Please keep in mind, "Three Dreams" is only one shuttle service running to the Jam. Several area hotels are running their own shuttles. Other companies will offer services as well. Put simply, keep your ears open, and if you're staying at a Western Colorado hotel, ask the clerks if shuttle services are available.